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Hair Restoration at Contour Dermatology

Everyone wants attractiveness and desirability in their personal and professional lives. To many people, a great first impression means everything. Advanced Hair Restoration at Contour Dermatology offers absolutely the best hair loss treatments available today. We realize the hair loss surgery is a big decision when thinking of treating your hair loss. Dr. Jochen and the caring, compassionate staff here at Contour Dermatology will do everything to make your hair restoration experience a successful one.

Advanced Hair Restoration restores hair for men and women!
Hair transplants for men.
Move up to a better life, restore your hair!
Hair Restoration for Her
Hair transplants for women.
Certified professional and caring staff and doctor.

Hair loss specialist, Dr. Timothy Jochen has over 15 years experience in hair restoration. He realizes your need to stop hair loss now. His artistic view of frontal hair loss treatment and hairline restoration is unique among hair transplant surgeons and clinics.

A full head of hair may make or break a future relationship or a lucrative business deal based on that first impression. We specialize in in the art of making that first impression a memorable one. Treating hair loss has been a passion of Dr. Jochen from the start of his Cosmetic & Medical Dermatology career.

A hair transplant will change your life. Dr. Jochen and his team at Advanced Hair Restoration recognize the personal nature of hair loss and offer the very latest in customized solutions.  We specialize in hair grafting for men and women. Our compassionate, professional hair restoration staff and doctor will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Take control of your appearance today. For a limited time, you can save money with our  (FUT Procedure) special, contact us for details, 760-423-4082 or 800-494-0356.

You can feel confident with Advanced Hair Restoration and Dr. Timothy Jochen. We have a certified surgical suite.

Call 800-494-0356 or 760-423-4050 to set up a life changing consultation today. You will be able to say ‘stop my hair loss’ and move on to a better life experience with your new hair growth.

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
Advanced Hair Restoration at Contour Dermatology is a certified surgical suite, certified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities

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